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Have a Fire Safe Summer

Monday, June 6, 2016   The warmer temperatures of summer can give firefighters a whole new set of challenges. High heat and humidity take their toll on firefighters bodies making their job increasingly dangerous. The weather plays a crucial role in fire safety as the warm air can bring dangerous thunderstorms or drought. Each condition can equally increase the volume of fires. When severe weather strikes the fire departments are busy handling lightning strikes to homes, downed power lines, activated alarms from power outages and water rescues from flash flooding. When the weather is dry we become busy with brush and mulch fires.  Mother nature is not the only factor of increased summertime activity; people also play a big part. This time of year fire crews often deal with fires involving barbeque grills, lawnmowers, and illegal open burning. If you are traveling this summer it is also important to practice fire safety wherever you may go. Please refer to the safety information below to keep you and your family safe this summer.

BBQ Safety

BBQ Safety

Outdoor Electrical Safety

Outdoor Electrical Safety


Hillsborough has been named the 46th Safest City In America!

Monday, May 4, 2015  Hillsborough has been named the 46th Safest City In America! According to Safewise.com one of the contributing factors is the large amount of fire prevention education we do. We greatly appreciate the acknowledgement, and we will continue to work hard to move Hillsborough to the top of the list. http://www.safewise.com/safest-cities-america



Cold Weather Fire Safety

Thursday, January 8, 2015  As the temperature drops, the amount of residential fire increases. Please review the tip sheets below to keep your family safe.



Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.

Monday, December 8, 2014   The Holidays can be a dangerous time of year when it comes to fire. Annually more fires occur on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day than any other day of the year. This is due to the fact that more people are cooking, using candles, and running more electrical devices. If you have a "live" tree in your home make sure the water is checked daily, this will greatly reduce the risk of a fire occurring. Please check the photos below for more Holiday Safety Tips. From all of us here at Hillsborough Bureau of Fire Safety please have a safe and happy holiday season.



Have a Safe Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2014   More residential home fire occur on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year. Please check out the tip sheet below for some important safety tips.



Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014   Check out these tip sheets for a Safe Halloween!



Fire Prevention Week 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014   October 5th -11th is Fire Prevention week. This years theme is "working smoke alarms save lives". We will be out spreading this message the entire month of October at schools and community events. Please check out the tip sheets below for more information on smoke alarms.




Monday, June 16, 2014  The 2014 International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week from June 15-21. Safety and Health Week is a joint initiative of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC). The event is coordinated by the IAFC Safety, Health and Survival Section and the NVFC and is supported by a network of fire service, health, and safety organizations. This annual event aims to improve firefighter safety and health to give all a better chance of survival during emergencies and in the long-term. Fire departments across the world will take time during the week to increase awareness and action so that safety and health become a priority in all fire departments.



Hillsborough Fire District Improves ISO Classification

Thursday, June 5, 2014  The Hillsborough Fire District is excited to announce that the ISO Public Protection Classification for Hillsborough Township has significantly improved. ISO’s Public Protection Classification Program (PPC) plays an important role in the underwriting process at insurance companies. In fact, most U.S. insurers-including the largest ones-use PPC information as part of their decision making when deciding what business to write, coverage’s to offer or prices to charge for personal or commercial property insurance. The ISO survey and inspection reviewed numerous items within the Hillsborough fire district including apparatus and equipment, firefighter training, water supply availability, fire prevention office capabilities and emergency dispatch facilities. Hillsborough’s new Public Protection Classification improved from a 5/9 to 3/3Y. The PPC rating scale uses a 1 through 10 classification with a classification of 1 being the best. Chief Fire Marshal Christopher Weniger stated “We were able to significantly improve our classification through the hard work and dedication of our fire district leadership, firefighters and staff. This improved classification once again shows the fire district’s commitment to providing a high level of service to the community in a fiscally responsible manner. Our improved PPC should help to improve our community’s insurance premiums”. More information about the ISO PPC program can be found at www.isomitigation.com. Fire Safety and Fire District information can be found at www.hillsboroughfiresafety.com.



Keeping Cool and Staying Safe

Tuesday, May 27, 2014  Check out the tip sheets below for some important tips on staying safe while keeping cool this summer.



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